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Keeping it 100! The REAL Cost of Weddings

B Posh Events knows that getting engaged and planning a wedding is an exciting time for couples. But, as your Metro Detroit Wedding Planning Bestie, we have to keep it real! If you want to know the real cost of weddings, consult a wedding planner.


Carla + Emarae's Wedding


Carla + Emarae's Wedding

On February 24, 2018, Carla and Emarae's love radiated throughout the entire wedding venue! There was something uniquely special about this couple's love. It wasn't just the way that they loved one another, but it was also the love they shared for their family, friends, guests and even people whom they have never met before...

After Wedding Photo.jpeg

Carla and Emarae's personalities completely complimented the others, which made this day so easy and fun to execute! Carla's personality was strategic, organized and just so sweet! She was one of those brides who completely trusted our team to execute her vision properly, which allowed us to go above and beyond to make this day special! Emarae was easy-going, relaxed and focused on one thing and one thing only: his bride Carla! Even with a room filled with guests and loved ones, it seemed as though Emarae never took his eyes off of Carla and her needs. The way they looked at one another as if they were the only two people in a room of about 200 guests, really showed their kind and unwavering love for each other.

Back of Bride in isle.jpg
CarEmar-413 copy.jpeg
Bridesmaids .jpeg
Em and groomsmad.jpeg

The love they shared extended outside of the venue. Many people believe that their wedding day is strictly all about them, but Carla and Emarae had a different approach. They took their special day and made it about everybody else. Instead of expecting a load of gifts from their guests, this couple was kind enough to make a charitable donation to the Detroit Rescue Mission. On the day that the bride and groom are showered with love and support, Carla and Emarae showered others with kindness and selfless love. How amazing is that!

Below is a picture of the cute little message that was left on each guests reception table!


So after their beautiful ceremony, Carla and Emarae added their own flair to there reception music, potentially raising the bar for future brides and grooms. You will never guess what song this couple chose for their first dance! I'll give you a little hint. It goes a little something like this...

"Today must be my lucky day baby, you are the prototype.

If you guessed Outcast - Prototype, then you guessed right! Their first dance definitely put a smile on all of the guests faces and made this wedding even more unique with a blast from the past!

God Gave me you .jpeg
Cup Cake table .jpg

The romance, elegance and nostalgia was executed by a group of fantastic Metro Detroit Wedding vendors! Both the ceremony and reception were held at Events at The Whittier in the Downtown Detroit area. Not only is this venue ABSOLUTELY gorgeous inside and out but it's extremely convenient to be able to hold the ceremony and reception in the same location. The ceremony was held in the WIntergarden and the reception was held in the Ballroom.

Along with a fabulous venue, the photographer, DSH Photography, captured so many special moments between the bride and groom and also their guests. As you can see, the cake and cupcake table was not only visually captivating but everything was DELICIOUS thanks to Holiday Market out of Royal Oak. The florals, linen and draping from Yasmeena's Floral added an extra touch of romance and charm to the ceremony and reception space. 

Literally all of the venders were absolutely amazing and helped bring Carla and Emarae's vision to life! 

Thank you Carla and Emarae for not only using our company to execute your wedding day, but also for being such a loving couple and being so easy to work with!

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Williams!!


Officiant: Dr. Nicholas Phillips
Photographer: DSH Photography
DJ: Keyon Brown, DJ Scorpio
Florals: Yasmeena's Floral
Cake: Holiday Market 
Caterer: Jackson Five Star Catering
Transportation: Ward Limousine
Venue: The Whittier Hotel




Ken & Malisse...Coming Soon!

They say when love comes back, that's how you know...well Ken and Malisse have a love story that is truly like no other!

On April 14, 2018,  Ken and Malisse, a couple who defied the odds and allowed love to guide them back to one another will finally become Mr. & Mrs.. These two met in high school, eventually going their separate ways in life. But love always has a way of bringing us back to where we are destined to be. Years later, Ken and Melisse reconnected, spending time travelling together and sharing their love of having a good time, no matter where they are!. Ken and Melisse didn't just find one another again, they created a beautiful blended family, including their 4 boys! If this doesn't sound like a fairy-tale then I don't know what does!

Hearing their love story was one thing, but watching their engagement video was literally the icing on the cake!You can feel their chemistry throughout the entire video. While taking a walk in the beautiful, trendy Downtown Detroit area, Ken and Malisse smiled, laughed and danced like no one was watching. 

Their wedding will take place in Metro Detroit area at one of the most beautiful venues and we cannot wait to witness this couples special day!

Videographer: MyTouch Weddings

Take a look at this love connection and watch their video below! 


We're bacckkkkk and introducing Marsha + Najuma

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We're bacckkkkk and introducing Marsha + Najuma

It has been awhile since our last blog post, and that is totally unacceptable! I hope you can forgive us! We have been incredibly busy. We have lots of new things to share with you! Hopefully, once we are able to share all the new things going on with B Posh Events, you will forgive us! Until then, let us leave you a sneak peek of our next couple.

Marsha + Najuma (but family and friends call him Kodi)

When I first met them, we literally connected right away! Marsha has such a fun and spunky personality, and Kodi is so chill, laid back and just a cool dude. They also brought their beautiful little girl and she is just a DOLL yall! I adore the relationship Kodi has with his daughter. They are just too stinking cute! I cant wait to see Marsha and Kodi tie the knot and unite as one on 6/24.

I'll share more details about their wedding a little later, but for now enjoy their beautiful engagement video shot by my friends over at My Touch Weddings.

Watch their video below!

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A Intimate Elopment In Detroit, Michigan

Happy September!

Its been a pretty busy wedding season for B Posh Events! We have about 6 more weddings through October before our season comes to an end!

In the beginning of the summer, we announced that we would be adding elopement and officiant services. We also had a contest to familiarize everyone with what our elopements would look like.

Detroit Elopement Weddings & Michigan Elopement Weddings

Detroit & Michigan Wedding Officiants


You might wonder what a elopement wedding is. Well, it can be many things. If you google "What is a elopement wedding, you will find this explanation..." it is often referred to a marriage conducted in sudden and secretive fashion.

What I knew elopement weddings to be, were when two people decided to leave town and get married in another state like Las Vegas.

Well, there is a NEW way to elope, and you can elope in your own city! You can also create a personalized elopement that can capture a fun, romantic or adventurous day, all while having it captured on camera via a photographer, videographer or both!

Our new packages will allow our couples to have the Detroit Elopement Ceremony they have envisioned. Our Ordained Detroit Wedding Officiant, will be sure to approve whatever type of "I Do" you have you heart set on.

We wanted to wait for the videos, but we have just been too anxious and excited. So we are going to go ahead and post a few teaser pictures of our firstand second Detroit Elopement couples while we wait on the video.

Richard + Ora & Myles + Ksassandra