They say when love comes back, that's how you know...well Ken and Malisse have a love story that is truly like no other!

On April 14, 2018,  Ken and Malisse, a couple who defied the odds and allowed love to guide them back to one another will finally become Mr. & Mrs.. These two met in high school, eventually going their separate ways in life. But love always has a way of bringing us back to where we are destined to be. Years later, Ken and Melisse reconnected, spending time travelling together and sharing their love of having a good time, no matter where they are!. Ken and Melisse didn't just find one another again, they created a beautiful blended family, including their 4 boys! If this doesn't sound like a fairy-tale then I don't know what does!

Hearing their love story was one thing, but watching their engagement video was literally the icing on the cake!You can feel their chemistry throughout the entire video. While taking a walk in the beautiful, trendy Downtown Detroit area, Ken and Malisse smiled, laughed and danced like no one was watching. 

Their wedding will take place in Metro Detroit area at one of the most beautiful venues and we cannot wait to witness this couples special day!

Videographer: MyTouch Weddings

Take a look at this love connection and watch their video below!