It has been awhile since our last blog post, and that is totally unacceptable! I hope you can forgive us! We have been incredibly busy. We have lots of new things to share with you! Hopefully, once we are able to share all the new things going on with B Posh Events, you will forgive us! Until then, let us leave you a sneak peek of our next couple.

Marsha + Najuma (but family and friends call him Kodi)

When I first met them, we literally connected right away! Marsha has such a fun and spunky personality, and Kodi is so chill, laid back and just a cool dude. They also brought their beautiful little girl and she is just a DOLL yall! I adore the relationship Kodi has with his daughter. They are just too stinking cute! I cant wait to see Marsha and Kodi tie the knot and unite as one on 6/24.

I'll share more details about their wedding a little later, but for now enjoy their beautiful engagement video shot by my friends over at My Touch Weddings.

Watch their video below!

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