Photo Credit: Rosy and Shaun Photography

Photo Credit: Rosy and Shaun Photography

Getting engaged and planning a wedding is an exciting time for couples.  It is a time that is full of hope and optimism! However, let's be real, it can also be a scary time too! The growing cost of weddings can cause some sweaty palms and jittery stomachs for even the most confident couples. Often these jitters happen when people start to see the big ticket cost estimates for everything from flowers and photographers to wedding venues.

Tread Lightly With Online Calculators

To better understand potential costs, many excited brides turn to online calculators. These calculators help give a general idea about the price that the couple may face.  All that they require is that the bride or groom enters the location of their wedding, the number of anticipated guests, and a handful of other details. With a single mouse click, the couple can have a better understanding of their potential costs.

But, it's important that we keep it real and tell you the truth. These calculator cost estimates are often misleading! Generating unrealistic expectations and heartaches when the estimates prove to be inaccurate.

Be Realistic With Your Wedding Budget

The best way to avoid this potential problem is to skip the calculators and seek a qualified wedding planner. A good wedding planner has spent years developing outstanding relationships with many contractors, including florists, photographers, and musicians. The wedding planner can leverage these long-standing relationships to ensure that his/her clients are able to negotiate the best possible price.

And, this is not the only thing that wedding planners can help with.

Your Vision Must Match Your Reality

Many couples share their vision with me and it often is the complete opposite of their budget (reality). Be careful while taking screenshots on Pinterest, and other luxury inspired photos across social media! These can often mislead you when it comes to wedding costs!  Its perfectly fine to love those inspiration photos, but try not to compete with weddings that aren't within your budget. Stay focused on what matters most, which is the marriage!

Wedding Planners Understand

Wedding planners understand that the choices couples make fundamentally affect the price of their weddings. For example, a theme wedding or a destination wedding will generally cost more than a simpler event close to home. Similarly, food choices on the wedding dinner menu may make a significant difference in a weddings cost. And, even something seemingly minor, such as the flowers that one chooses could change an affordable wedding into a budget-busting affair.

So, if budget is an important consideration in your wedding day plans, your first stop should be meeting with a wedding planner! Contact B Posh Events for your Metro Detroit wedding and event planning needs!