I remember waking up this day saying to myself, "this is going to be a perfect day for Jerron & Lauren". The weather was perfect, all the vendors were on point, and Lauren was in a super calm mood.  I arrived at Regency Manor is Southfield to assist the linens and floral vendor. Everything looked great. I then set up the candy table, as directed by our bride. She was awesome because she had all the candy in their assigned dish, ready to go! After the cake arrived and flowers put in place, I headed over to join my assistant at the church, to prepare for their ceremony. When I reached  Triumph Church, I opened the doors to the sanctuary and it was gorgeous! Florals aligned the aisle, and the runner was already in placed, covered with fuchsia petals!

Our bridal party arrived on time, and now the guests were arriving as well. It was finally show time! As I helped get Lauren in place, I said "are you ready"? She said "I'm as ready as I'll ever be". I instructed the hostess to open the doors, and down the aisle she went!

I instructed my assistant to take over from here, and I jetted back to the reception hall for final touches.  It was a GREAT day!

Today marks their 2 year anniversary and I just want to say HAPPY Anniversary! In honor of this day, I present their amazing wedding preview captured by the talented Walter of Filmed By Grace.

Click on the link below!!!!!

Jerron + Laurens Wedding Preview