Last month we announced a new elopement package that we are going to introduce. In celebrating this package, I teamed up with some amazing wedding professionals to bless one lucky couple with a intimate wedding ceremony in downtown Detroit. This package includes a event coordinator, officiant, videographer, photographer, professional make-up, a hair stylist,  bouquet, boutonnière, and a 1 tier cake. In order to enter, we asked for a email, sharing their love story and the reason why they think they deserve to win.

Well, one lucky couple tugged at our heartstrings with their story. We are excited to introduce:


Richard + Orabella

Love Story

B Posh: How did you guys meet?

Orabella: "We actually met on Myspace. We attended school together all our life, so I sent him a message asking him if here remembered me and he said no. My feelings were a little hurt, so I didn't inbox him back. However, he ended up messaging me several times, asking me how I was. At that time, he was stationed in California. He is in the Marines. So, from there he said once he returned home, he would like to take me out on a date. We spoke on the phone for hours, and hours until both our batteries on our phone died."

B Posh: " How was your first date?"

Orabella: " Oh my God, I thought he was kind of annoying. The connection that we had over the phone, was not there in person. I eventually told him that maybe we should just be friends."

B Posh: "So, how did you guys manage to fall in love?"

Orabella: "Well, we spent a lot of time together, and we became really close. Our friendship turned into being in love".

B Posh: "Tell me about how he proposed"

Orabella: "OMG, well he had dinner plans and we were supposed to go to a fancy place to eat in downtown Chicago. However, I just wasn't in the mood to get dressed up and go out. We were actually hungry, so we just decided to catch a quick bite and Longhorns. While waiting for our dinner to arrive at the table, Richard starting asking me questions about marriage. He said, "if I asked you to marry right now, would you say yes?" I said, "I guess so". So he handed me this rose, and inside the rose was a ring! I was super shocked and happy! But wait, I was made because we were at Longhorns restaurant! LOL I asked him why didn't he force me to go out to the fancy restaurant?! LOL Either way, I was happy!!

B Posh: "So tell me why you guys deserve to win this elopement package".

Orabella: "Well, as you know, we are actually already married.  However we were married in my pastors office at our church. Due to the fact that we are a military family, we had little to no time to plan! This was during the leaving Iraq transitioning to Afghanistan phase. He received orders several times and they kept being modified. Therefore, we decided that we would just go ahead, get married and have a big wedding celebration later. Well, 9 years and 3 kids later, no wedding ceremony, no reception and not one wedding photo to share with our 3 daughters. This makes me sad. We want to be able to share such a momentous occasion with our daughters.

B Posh: " You have 3 very beautiful daughters!

Orabella: "Thank you! They are our world. One of our daughters was diagnosed with autism. We dealt and learned a lot while on this journey with her. She has had lots of different types of therapy and I am proud to say that today she is verbal, super smart and progressing daily!

B Posh: "Well, this has been amazing! We are excited and cant wait to announce our winner in May!

Orabella: "Thank you so much for this opportunity"

Needless to say, Richard & Orabella's story touched our hearts and they are our first Elopement couple!!!!! So, meet Richard, Orabella, Kennedy, Grace and Gabby!!

The elopement ceremony will take place in June! We cannot wait to share the details!!