if you are in the market of Looking for a Detroit Wedding Planner, Michigan wedding Coordinator or any Metro Detroit Wedding Planning or Event Management company, this blog should be able to help you answer any questions regarding the need to hire one.

Read below to understand why having a Detroit Wedding planner/Michigan Wedding Planner, is so necessary even when having a venue coordinator.


I have been asked a few times about venue coordinators vs. a personal wedding planner/coordinator.

Q.Is there a difference?
A. ABSOLUTELY Yes, there is a difference.

Q. Do I really need my own coordinator if the venue has one?
A.The answer is ABSOLUTELY, YES!

To break it down simply, the venue coordinator works and looks out for the best interest of the venue.
A Wedding planner/Coordinator, works and looks out for the best interest for you, your groom and your guests.

Venue coordinators are timekeepers, security, and management for the venue. They make sure you are in and out of the reserved spaces based on the time allotted in your contract. While your personal wedding planner/coordinator focuses more on the logistics within a timeline previously drafted and shared with your vendors for the wedding day.

For example. The venue coordinator makes sure you are out of the ceremony room by 5pm.
You planner makes sure that not only are you following your timeline, but that you are able to take those "must have pictures", before having to vacate the ceremony area by 5pm. The venue coordinator wouldn't know your "must have" shots, because thats not their responsibility.And honestly, they most likely don't care. Your planner however will and does care because she has that bond with you and understands just  how important capturing those "must haves" are to you. 

Being clear about the difference between a wedding venue coordinator and a wedding coordinator (or wedding planner) can help you avoid a lot of unnecessary frustration. Yes, the two roles sound very similar, however, please dont be under the assumption that they perform the same function.Its very common for brides to make that mistake, especially when they see FREE on site coordinator in their package description. 
Dont be fooled love.

Please also understand that the venue coordinator is not going to oversee the placement of  decor (linens, centerpieces, place cards, etc.) Her job is to only be sure that the amount of tables and chairs requested are put in place per the layout in the contract. The venue coordinator is not the person that manages your wedding day, and unfortunately that is the assumption right?

But how does this happen? Maybe you hear the venue coordinator say: “Of course I’ll be there to assist on the day should you need anything.” But what you think she means is: “I will plan and take full ownership of making sure that each and every detail falls perfectly into place for your wedding day, and will take responsibility for all third party vendors too.” Although your venue coordinator will offer her assistance with emergencies should you need it, that is quite a different thing from taking responsibility for the running of the entire wedding. This is commonly misunderstood and can be quite confusing for you when you mistakenly and innocently infer additional responsibility over and above what is explicitly stated in the contract.

Be mindful that a venue coordinator is just that. She works and represents the well being of the venue, not the bride and groom. 

In conclusion, hire a planner. It will be one the the best wedding decisions you make as a couple.

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Happy Planning!